About The Embassy of Belize in the Republic of China (Taiwan)

We bid you a very warm welcome to the website of the Embassy of Belize in the Republic of China (Taiwan). Our website is intended to serve persons living in Taiwan and the South-East Asia Region who are interested in visiting our beautiful Belize or exploring Investment opportunities there; as well as Belize nationals living abroad.

Our Belize is a jewel in the heart of Central America and the Caribbean. A peaceful, democratic, friendly country located below Mexico at the top of the Central American isthmus. Bounded on its eastern border by the Caribbean Sea, Belize is both Central American and Caribbean at the same time. Formerly colonized by Great Britain, it is the only Central American Country with English as its Official Language. However, it is truly a multilingual society as a result of the many ethnic and cultural groups for which it is home. Its history and geography have allowed it to fuse the distinctive culture and rhythms of the English-speaking Caribbean with the Latin America flavours of Central America in a most inviting manner. It is a bridge between these two sub-regions to which it belongs.

The Government of Belize and the Republic of China (Taiwan) established Diplomatic Relations on October 11th, 1989.  Consequently, the Embassy of Belize to the Republic of China (Taiwan) was established and is located in Taipei City, Republic of China (Taiwan).

The Embassy of Belize to the Republic of China (Taiwan) has two broad strategic priorities. The first is to represent the sovereign nation of Belize to the Government and People of the Republic of China (Taiwan) and to foster a friendly and beneficial relationship between the two countries guided by principles of mutual respect and understanding, equality and reciprocity, sustainable partnership and cooperation. The Embassy of Belize aims to attract meaningful foreign investment and appreciative visitors to Belize. In this regard, it works closely with relevant bodies in Belize, including BELTRAIDE (Belize Trade and Investment Development Service) and the BTB (Belize Tourism Board) to provide potential Investors and Visitors with the necessary information to attract investment in and visitation to Belize. In May 2015, the Embassy of Belize hosted the first ever Invest in Belize: Investment Seminar geared to potential investors in Taiwan. The Seminar was facilitated by BELTRAIDE and the Belize Ministry responsible for trade, investment and commerce.

The Embassy of Belize in the ROC (Taiwan) is the only Belize embassy on the Asian Continent. As such, another strategic priority of the Embassy is that of offering consular services to the South-East Asia region.  Consular Services provided by the Embassy in close collaboration with the Belize Department of Immigration and Nationality Services include renewal of Machine Readable Passports (MRP), renewal of Nationality Certificates, issuance of visas, and verification and authentication of other official documents. In providing these services, the Embassy also maintains a close relationship with the five Honorary Consuls under its jurisdiction in the region (Singapore, Australia, Philippines, South Korea and India).